Space Stadium Canada



Ever wonder about Canada 's involvement with space exploration? Or how about taking a ride on a twirling device that spins you around three axis, just like you were floating in space. Space Stadium Canada takes you there, with 1,500 square feet of exhibits, stage and programming, promoting space exploration with a Canadian angle.


•  The centrepiece is a soaring twenty foot tall structure , with integrated seating, exhibits and complimentary programming, including the Great Canadian Space Show ', an original new stage show.

•  The stage area is anchored on one side with a Van de Graph (static producing) machine and on the other side by a Gyro Gym (astronaut training device). A second floor balcony has a fire pole to the main floor. Double-sided 6 foot stainless steel graphic panels (one of Galileo, Newton and Einstein ) float above the stage while backlit panels explain Canada 's space activity.

•  Surrounding the stage is tiered arena seating, with integrated, interactive exhibits on the history of Canada in space, oversized images of the Canadian astronauts, backlit panels on the International Space Station and a monitor showing recent information on Canadian space exploration.


Client & Sponsor : Saskatchewan Science Centre &

Canadian Space Agency

Designer: John Snell

Programming: Scott Sunderwald

Fabrication: PCL Construction (Stage) &

John Elash (Seating)

























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