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The People Behind the Red Dog Consortium

The Red Dog Consortium represents talented craftsmen brought in on an individual project basis to create the best in interpretive exhibit delivery. The following are the core support group who maintain the quality and oversee all aspects of the project.


Exhibit Design & Interpretative Team

John Snell & Scott Sunderwald have been associates for over six years. John has a design and museum background, stretching back 20 years and reaching into the international market. Scott has over 10 years of interpretative experience, developing exciting and unique approaches to program delivery. Together their practical hands-on experience creates projects of outstanding depth and workability.


Construction Team

John Elash and Brad Peters have decades of work experience together. They have built exhibits of the highest caliber through out North America . John and Brad develop insightful and workable solutions to the most demanding projects. Their work withstands the abuse of the most animated visitors, and keeps on working beautifully.




























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