What Are The Odds?



What are your chances of winning the lottery? Or getting an A on an exam you didn't study for? Or even finding that missing sock? How about a game of ‘Probnopoly'. ‘What are the Odds?' is 1,000 square feet of exhibits and programming that gives a crash course on probability, gambling and the difference between luck and skill.



•  Eight interactive exhibits take you through the simplicity of 50/50 chance, to one in four, through varying probabilities, a normal distribution, winning a lottery and understanding chance and skill. Each exhibit stands alone but also builds on the information from the last exhibit.

•  The critically acclaimed pre, during and post activity sheets for school children, helping to reinforce the concepts and ideas developed in the exhibit.



Client & Sponsor : Saskatchewan Science Centre

Saskatchewan Health

Designer: John Snell

Programming: Scott Sunderwald

Fabrication: John Elash & Brad Peters

























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