Mars Trek



Mars attacks! Was Mars home to an ancient, canal-building civilization, or is it the future home of earth colonies? Mars Trek is an irreverent, tabloid approach to Earth's most similar neighbor. The exhibit also asks the question “Are we alone in the universe?” 1500 square feet of exhibits open up more questions and a fun search for answers, from crop circles to flying saucers.





•  Ed Tannebaum's Recollections effects wall is the cornerstone of the exhibit, as it raises questions on how Mar's Rovers navigate.

•  Other exhibits include a Mars' Rover building station with a simulated Mars' terrain, the Mars landing station with four computer simulations, a continuous feed NASA feed broadcast on a plasma screen and an amazing levitating Mars planet .



Client & Sponsor : Saskatchewan Science Centre

Designer: John Snell

Fabrication: John Elash and Brad Peters


























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