Discovery Junction



Discovery Junction, the little town that has the perfect climate – or does it? Take or stroll, or pedal car, down our little street to find out how scientists determine changes in climate, learn about alternative energy sources and how to reduce green house gases. Take a poll on what should be done about climate change, or listen to the Mayor explain climate change in the interactive hardware store. Discovery Junction is a 2,000 square foot exhibit on climate change,with intensive school programming.



•  Programming initiatives include ‘ Climate Change Tool Kits ' – traveling suitcases for classrooms with experiments and lesson plans for the teachers, ‘ The Alternative Energy Show ' – a loud, wet and wild stage show to explain alternative energy, ‘ Hot Science Workshop' – where participants run like crazy to duplicate the carbon cycle, and ‘ Discovery Junction Teacher's Guide ' – 30 pages of fun activities, experiments and explanations.

•  ‘Discovery Junction' explains climate change through many activities, including an interactive theatre , a playground with a gaseous cow , a tree house , an insulated play house to build , a green house , peddle cars , an interactive computer poll, store front activities and many other exhibits.



Client & Sponsor : Saskatchewan Science Centre,Climate Change Action Fund, Nexen and SaskEnergy

Designer: John Snell

Programming: Scott Sunderwald

Fabrication: Beauchesne and Company



























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